• Adrian Clark

Kenilworth Sewage Treatment Plant, Unitywater

Updated: Mar 16

Clarity Aquatic has partnered with Unitywater and Covey Associates to conduct a leading-edge floating treatment wetlands trial and pilot study at Kenilworth Sewage Treatment Plant in South East Queensland. The trial aimed to demonstrate how wetlands can be used as a sustainable low- technology approach to enhance the treatment capacity of existing infrastructure and reduce the amount of nutrient discharged from the treatment plant.

This trial aimed to investigate the performance of a range of plant species and some of those produced the most significant plant growth and pollution removal rates of any floating wetland project we have worked on.

Unitywater was awarded AWA Queensland’s Infrastructure Project Innovation Award (Servicing over 250,000 end users) for this trial in 2019.

We look forward to our continued collaboration with Unitywater and Covey to further investigate and develop nature-based solutions in sewage treatment

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