Constructed floating wetlands perfected

Designed by Experts

Clarity Aquatic floating wetlands were designed to be the most adaptable product on the market. They are stable to walk on, easy to install and maintain, long lasting, and fully recyclable at the end of their design life.


Safe Installation and Maintenance


Installation of Clarity Aquatic floating wetlands is quick and easy and they are the most adaptable and easily maintained system on the market.

All water treatment devices need periodic maintenance  to ensure long-term, reliable operation, and our floating wetlands have been developed to make maintenance as efficient as possible. 

Safety has been at the forefront in the design of Clarity Aquatic floating wetlands. The wetlands are highly buoyant and have integrated walkways which ensure maintenance crews can service the wetlands safely and efficiently.


Modular and Adaptable System


Clarity Aquatic floating wetlands provide optimal water treatment and so much more.

Our system can incorporate key safety features, like handrails, walkways and working platforms. We can also build in water quality monitoring systems, solar panels, aeration systems, and so much more.

Each project has its own unique needs and our floating wetland modules have been designed with this in mind. 


100% Sustainable


Our floating wetlands are the most sustainable, long-lasting product on the market.

The Clarity Aquatic system was designed to reduce waste. Our system can be made from recycled plastic, but importantly, is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. This is the only product on the market that does not ultimately go to the waste stream. Our modules are manufactured from high-strength, durable, and fully UV stabilised LDPE. There is no risk of microplastic contamination from our system and importantly, the module never needs to go to a landfill.

The Clarity Aquatic modules have truly been designed for a circular economy. 

A Clear Solution for Water Management